Thursday, 21 May 2015

Business Sustainability: Role for HRM
With special reference to Acquisition and Retention of talents in SMEs
Vasantha Lakshmi. R  and  Hanuman S Kennedy

4th National Conference on MSMEs’ –  Role in propelling Economic Development of India
December 6, 2014 @  RVIM, Bangalore

The effectiveness of talents in an organization plays a very significant role in the organizational performance which in turn influences the sustainability of the firm. Talents Acquisition is the most significant function which influences all other functions in the organization.  The acquisition of the right talents and retention of such talents are major challenges for SMEs. This paper brings out the various problems and the practices for acquisition & retention in the Small Enterprises through cases of small companies and a theoretical framework for SMEs to enhance the effectiveness of the acquisition of talents process.

Key words: Human Resource Management; Acquisition of talents; Retention of talents, Business sustainability, HRM in SMEs

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